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"When You Invest In Tax Liens Your cash flow is fixed by law...

..and your rate of return will stay high regardless  of what happens to Economy!"
Dear Reader.

Are you sick of living from paycheck to paycheck? Does the thought of relying on Social Security and meager pension plans in your so-called “Golden Years” chill you to the bone?

Then what I have here for you is going to change your life... in a BIG way!

I’m going to show you the strategies to earn a constant flow of secure income that will work for you even while you sleep… just like America's super-rich have enjoyed for generations.

The best part is…You don't need huge amounts of start-up money!

I’m going to show you how you can get started in this business for less than $100 and you can   Learn these powerful money-making skills in just a few hours.

Product Review - Willie Marshall

“I Bought 20 Acres For $200 At My First Sale!”

"Hey Dustin... Thanks for the book. A couple weeks after I read it I went to the  Caddo county tax sale here in Louisiana. Only four people showed up.
The sheriff just put the properties on a table and said take what ever you want! I ended up getting 20 acres of land for only $200. I can't wait to go to my next tax sale. 
Thanks for the knowledge"

Willie Marshall 
Shreveport, Louisiana

"You Are About To Learn America's 
secret wealth-building strategy"
Before we really dig into this information I want to tell you how i got into this business. 
"Here's the fascinating story..."

My name is Dustin Hahn  

Over the past 5 years, I have been Investing in Tax Lien and Deed certificates all over the United States. 

Recently, I was thinking about all of the people I know in real estate who are RICH.

Not the ones who are just “getting by” – and not the ones who are “successful” – I’m talking MILLIONAIRES here.

All of them sought out help from mentors to achieve their great success. None of them had fathers or mothers who taught them how to invest in real estate in fact most of them never even went to college. 

In fact, I’m one of these people that I’m talking about.

I got into this business when I was living in my parents basement in Canada. I was 20 years old and broke living paycheck to paycheck. Then it all changed!  I got into Tax Lien and Deed investing and “freed” myself from working a “regular Job”- for the rest of my life. 

Now I’ve created the ultimate training course to show you how to start and build a real estate business. 

Here is my guarantee to you: Purchase my Tax Lien training course and you will learn how to make real money in real estate- or you pay me NOTHING. 

But before we get to that, here is the story of how i went from living in my parents’ basement broke to purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate for pennies on the dollar at tax sales. 

Most people who hear me speak about my business assume that I was probably born rich, or that I had some special advantage growing up.

This is not true. I grew up in a hard working middle class family. And I was expected to continue the tradition of working in the oilfields of canada trading my life for a paycheck. 

Here are a few things about me you may not know:

  • I grew up in Alberta Canada
  • I barley graduated high school
  • I have essentially ZERO formal business training, and no degree.
  • I got my first job when I was fourteen working at a gas station for $5.00 an hour
  • When I was seventeen I went to work in the oil industry working as a roughneck on a drilling rig in the middle of northern Canada.
  • By the time I was nineteen, I was making good money on the drilling rigs and I dug myself into a financial nightmare by getting 3 credit cards and and maxing them all out. I financed a new truck, a new motorcycle, a new snowmobile , two new dirt bikes and also financed a $ 4000 stereo system for my new truck.
  • In the eyes of my friends and family I was doing great because I had all this Stuff. I had all these fancy new material possessions that gave me a false appearance of high status. Well it got to the point where my payments were more money than I was making monthly. I had to make the decision.... Was I going to eat or make my truck payment.
  • Long story short I gave up all the material possessions that I had financed, and I got into tax lien and deed investing.
  • After two months of tax lien and deed investing my parents did not believe that I was investing in real estate and accused me of selling drugs !!
  • When I would cross the border from Canada with over $ 20,000 cash on me to purchase property, U.S Customs would Interrogate me for hours often causing me to miss flights because they too thought I was a DRUG dealer
Once I got all the bugs worked out I put together a system that got me consistent results. I focused on gaining knowledge and learning as much as I could about real estate over the last four years.  I have spent over $100,000 on my real estate and business education. I signed up for mentoring programs with some of the most successful business people in America and it all payed off. I now live my life on my terms. 

It wasn’t  before long that people started asking me to teach them the strategies that I was using to get all these properties for pennies on the dollar. So I started holding my own weekend training boot camps teaching people how to invest in tax liens and deeds. 

When I started doing my own events I developed a true passion for speaking and teaching.  I honestly love to teach. It’s in my nature to help people. I love helping regular people achieve extra ordinary results and achieve their maximum potential in life. If you are willing to put in the effort to learn these powerful strategies then I am willing to put in the effort to help you start your business and develop more great programs that will take you to the next level. 
Product Review - David Ringwald     Age 16

Children As Young As 16 Are Learning This

“I learned how to do a deal from beginning to end”
“I'm going to go straight into real estate  this is what I want to do this is a great way to make money and this is probably what you should be doing”

David Rignwald, Age 16 
Santa Barbara, Ca


CLICK the video below to hear how Christine bought a $64,000 property for only $4,000

Let’s Dig Into Some Great Information,

Read On 


When I went into this business I  was astonished to see amazing returns of 16%, some for 18%. In Iowa 24% and in Texas 25%. I was fascinated and pleasantly shocked.

I saw documented proof that this government sponsored program was real.

I have now dedicated a large part of my  life to sharing this little-known investment strategy with thousands of people across the world.

I have interviewed dozens of government officers and venture capitalists to create the most comprehensive program for low-risk and high-yield returns available in the USA.

Until now, I have shared these top-secret strategies for taking advantage of these hidden government programs with only a select few clients..

... but now I’m ready to share these secrets with you!

"Tax certificates are the easiest, fastest and safest way to create personal wealth in the USA!"

Officially it's called a "Tax Lien Certificate"...

In hundreds of counties throughout the United States, local governments have millions of dollars in outstanding and overdue property taxes, due in full from property owners who will not or cannot pay their property taxes.

To fund the daily services of police, fire, hospitals, welfare, etc., the local governments create and sell these Tax Lien Certificates to investors like you and me. The lien is secured by the real estate it is attached to .

You are not actually buying the real estate, you are buying the government's lien on the real estate. In a sense, it's much like a mortgage! When you buy a tax lien certificate you are paying someone else's property taxes. 

Best of all, your reward is, the government actually gives you the right to receive all of the tax money due - including fees, high interest and penalties.

To encourage taxpayers to pay their property taxes, the government charges "punitive", sky-high interest rates which are passed directly to the Tax Lien Certificate "purchaser"… that's you!

"This is your chance to make a fortune with 
a government-controlled monopoly!"

For "safety-first" investors like you, these government certificates are the premier investment —the absolute best wealth builders of the future.

Just imagine receiving continual, high-rate income from the government — because Tax Lien Certificates are much like the Municipal Bonds and Treasury Bills... it's simple:

•You invest your money with the government 

•When the government collects the past due taxes, the government sends you a guaranteed government check  

•You receive your money back, plus high interest. 

Best of all, these government-sponsored certificates are armored-car safe, so you don't have to be stuck with lousy C.D. returns the banks and institutions are giving you anymore!

"Earn more money from tax lien certificates in a single year than you can from C.D.s in four or five years!"

In my opinion, brokers and bankers who sell Certificates of Deposit (also known as "Certificates of Depreciation") and money market funds as primary, long-term investments should be tarred and feathered. Why?

Because you can get four to six times as much income from other safe investments. If you invested at the current rate of 4% — it would take you 18 long years to double your investment!

In short: As a C.D. holder, you are getting brutalized by taxes and inflation. You can get Tax Lien Certificates in almost any size ranging from $10.00 to over a million dollars. 

You could think of Tax Lien Certificates as being similar to Certificates of Deposit. Except for one major difference. C.D.'s will never make you rich... but Tax Lien Certificates can!

Imagine being able to earn more money from Tax Lien Certificates in one year of investing... than you can earn from investing in C.D.'s in four or five years!

You see, the high interest rates on tax lien certificates are Mandated By State Law...They don't rise and fall like the stock market — nor are they subject to the whims of bankers that control interest rates. 

Look at it this way: The banks have been sticking you with their low rates of return... all the while, charging you sky-high interest rates — up to 18% or more — on your credit cards. Ask yourself, "How much are the banks paying me?"

Surprisingly, the bankers are the biggest investors in tax lien certificates. In effect, bankers are "renting" yours and thousands of retirees' money for 3% to 6% returns... and keeping the upside 8% to 13% profit for themselves. 


Aren't you tired and frustrated by the banks’ low 3% to 6% C.D. and savings rates?!
You don't have to settle for the bankers paying you "less is more" theory, anymore!

"A wealth of opportunity awaits you — in checks that come from the government!"

You can buy Tax Lien Certificates secured by different properties and in different locations in the same state. And, because there are many well-secured separate certificates for over $10,000, you can quickly invest substantial amounts of money by buying just a few certificates.

In short: you could be making huge profits on small or large investments! That's what is great about Tax Lien Certificates:

•It doesn't matter whether you've got tens of thousands to invest or only a few hundred bucks! 

•It's the most democratic of investments — making everyone rich regardless of where you come from.... or how much you have to invest! 

.. And these people are no different from you — they're just raking in the profits on one of the most lucrative investments of all time! And believe it, if they can do it — you can too!
"Best of all, you can test this out on paper, too!"

Like all important things in life, this too can be done in a "dry run" to see how you do. All Tax Lien Certificates and tax deeds can be thoroughly reviewed prior to purchase. 

That means you can see the stated, official value — and review how much it is expected to be auctioned off for (5 cents on the dollar, for example)...

... So you can always "look before you leap" and figure your profit.

LOW RISK... You go in knowing all the angles — nothing is left to chance. And that's what makes this investment low risk: there is nothing that's hidden or "pops up" to surprise you...

... Just pure, sheer profitable returns of 16%, 18% or even 25% without a single element of risk!

In fact, you can even purchase Tax Lien Certificates through the mail — prior to auction. Talk about getting ahead of the curve!

So why aren't all Tax Lien Certificates done through the mail? Surprisingly no one knows about this... a detail we'll explain later on in this report.

The ultra-wealthy have been doing this for decades! It's time you started getting your share of the good life and great returns!! Just read what this government official has to say:

"Under state law, the county sets their own interest rate. It's 20% here in Prince Georges County. The City of Baltimore pays 24%. We are allowed to set our own rate to encourage people to bid on Tax Lien Certificates."

- Porter Venn,
Chief of Treasury 
Prince Georges County, Maryland
Click On This Video  To Hear What My Students Have to Say

CLICK the video below to hear how a father to be convinced his spouse to let him give the Tax Sale Business A try, Then go on to buy property for $ 2,000

Free Training Video # 2 near the bottom of the page
"Don't make these deadly mistakes with 
your hard-earned dollars!"

If you were to invest  $2,000 an IRA — and the bank is paying you a whopping 3.75%. Big Wow! If you leave that money in the bank for 20 years and don’t touch it...

... that $2,000 will grow to the "enormous" sum of $4,219.00. Hardly a start on a retirement plan!

However, if you invested in Arizona Tax Lien Certificates and each time the government paid you, and you reinvested the funds in new certificates, it would have been a completely different story.

Arizona pays certificate holders 16% interest. At the end of 20 years, your $2,000 would have grown to more than $30,000!

Savvy investors at the Iowa Tax Lien Certificate auction receive 24% interest on their investment dollars. Your $2,000 would have skyrocketed to over $147,000 in just 20 years...

... and that's if you had never invested another dime!

By any calculation, that's 25 times what you would have made at your local bank. Isn't it time you learned these investment secrets? 

The shocking truth is: You could lose $100,000 in the next 20 years — simply because no one told you about this investment.

Tax Lien Certificates invested at 24% make a lot of sense when the earnings grow tax-deferred. A $10,000 investment today — assuming it could grow tax deferred — could bemore than ONE MILLION DOLLARS in just 22 years.

This is the "IDEAL MONEY MACHINE" and the best part is it takes no experience or special skills whatsoever!

My method is so simple, so "Low-Tech" that anyone can do it, even if you've never made an investment in your life.

Perfect For The Little Guy...
Anyone Can Afford To Buy Tax Certificates!
"The top-secret wealth-building strategy 
now revealed to you..."

Why haven't you heard about Tax Lien Certificates?

The answer is simple: Stock Brokers and bankers aren't allowed to make commissions on them, so they have no incentive to tell you . Yet the same bankers and credit unions invest their "surplus" money in Tax Certificates so they enjoy the amazing high yields.

The stock brokers and bankers pray you won't learn what I'm revealing here . The attorneys and mega-rich know all about this - but they're keeping it to themselves... they don't want competitors . You can now put these hidden cash-generating engines to work for you!

"How to become an insider and 
win the tax lien certificate lottery!"

You're probably asking yourself — what's the risk? In my opinion, the biggest risk is: the property owner pays you off too early, too quickly — and you have to invest the money again.

In most states now, if the property owner doesn't pay the taxes, they forfeit the property to you....

... and that means Congratulations! You've just won the lottery!!

In most states you now own the property free and clear of all mortgages and liens. However, state laws differ and a few states allow the property to be sold at auction and the liens to stay on the property.

To make this as risk-free as possible, I  have created one easy-to-read directory with the name, address and telephone numbers of the local people to call and get the exact rules for your area.

Keep in mind you'll get paid from the government when the government collects from the home owner.

97% of all Tax Lien Certificates pay off in two years. And the other 3%...

...That's your ticket to the ultimate American dream: owning a gorgeous home for just the taxes and a few fees! Consider this:

•The United States is divided into 3,300 separate counties 

•Approximately half of the counties sell 'Tax Lien Certificates', which are certificates that the government is owed money. 

•The remaining states sell 'Tax Deeds' to the property -- this means some states are called "lien states" that sell a piece of paper, like a mortgage. 

•The other states, the "deed states," sell a right to ownership. They deed the property owner's real estate to the auction buyer. 

One opportunity is a cash interest return. The other opportunity is a chance to own real estate for pennies on the dollar.

"A home to own or sell for just pennies on the dollar!"

Throughout history, many of the truly great fortunes have been made in real estate. And that's what makes Tax Lien Certificates so ideal...

... Because it doesn't matter whether the real estate market rises or falls, drops or skyrockets!

You've purchased a magnificent home for just a fraction of its original cost & just the back taxes... and whatever you can sell it for is all pure, sheer profit!!

It's a win-win situation — with you on the receiving end of all the good things:

•16%, 18%... up to 50% return on your investment, 

•a way to double your money in half the time, and 

•home ownership — for you to use or to sell 

... and all for just pennies on the dollar!!

In this admittedly long letter, there isn't enough space to explain all the important details and nitty-gritty's.. So I have put it into a simple downloadable course that you can read and get started in just a few hours. 


CLICK the video below for FREE training part 2. Lean how to buy properties for under $100!!!

Free Training Video Part # 2
"Here's what you're going to 
get in this life changing course..."
Training Module # 1
Real Estates Best Kept Secret Training Course.  How to Earning 16% - 18% - 24% Up to 50% on Secured Government Certificates
How to find properties for under $ 500 
How to do this business properly
How find properties in your own town that you can buy dirt cheap
Why you have not heard of this business 
How to buy $70,000 to $100,000 houses for under $10,000 
How to quickly and easily evaluate properties 
How to invest in Tax Lien certificates that will pay you 8% to 50% guaranteed returns on your money in less than one year
FORMAT: Instant Access PDF File  
Training Module # 2
How You Can Get Rich In Real Estate

Here Is What I’ll Show You 
The Exact Steps You Must Take In Order To
Get Rich in Real Estate
How to properly set up your business for success
Why most people fail in real estate
How simple this business really is 
How to overcome your fears and create the life you
Deserve in real estate
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Training Module # 3
Golden Recipes For Tax Lien And Deed Profits 

Here Is What I’ll Show You
How to turbo charge your investment plan
How to find the absolute best places to invest
How to push through your fears of taking  the vital first steps to success 
How this business is tax deductible
This program will show you the hidden in’s and outs of the business 
  $47 Value - Yours FREE today
FORMAT: Instant Access Audio  
Training Module # 4
How To Get Rich With Tax Liens And Deeds If You Are Currently Broke

Here Is What I’ll Show You 
How to find dozens of investors that want  you to invest their money in Tax Liens or Deeds
How to get people begging you to invest their money in Tax Liens or Deeds 
How to get property for as little as $50
How to make investors comfortable with you investing  their money
How to approach family members about the opportunity
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FORMAT: Instant Access Audio  
Training Module # 5

How To Buy Tax Liens In America From Anywhere In The World 

You Can Buy Tax Liens Without Leaving Your Own Home

Here Is What I’ll Show You 

How to buy Tax Lines with out leaving the comfort of your own home
How to buy Tax Liens over the internet
How to buy Tax Lines if you live outside of the United
Why the bad economy is creating perfect buying Conditions for you
  $68 Value - Yours FREE today
FORMAT: Instant Access Audio  
Training Module # 6

The National Tax Deed Directory 

Here Is What I’ll Show You

You will get the contact information to all 1500 Tax Deed  Counties
You will get access to the exact same directory I use to  buy properties for under $500
You will get the most comprehensive Tax Deed directory  available anywhere.
  $97 Value - Yours FREE today
FORMAT: Instant Access PDF File  
Training Module # 7

The National Tax Lien Directory

Here Is What I’ll Show You 

The contact information to all 1575 Tax Lien Counties
The exact interest rate each state pays you
When each specific state has their auction
How to find the state the pay you the most
The states that pay you up to 50% GUARANTEED ROI on your investment
  $97 Value - Yours FREE today
FORMAT: Instant Access PDF File  

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Im never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied.So here’s my simple “No Small Print” guarantee Try “Real Estates Best Kept Secret” today and put it though the ringer. Use every strategy and technique as many times as you’d like for 12 full months.
You be the judge. If this program doesn’t deliver or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I’ll immediately buy it back from your for 20% more than your original purchase price. I WILL PAY YOU BACK $64.80 IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY! 
I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because i’ve personally profited from all of the strategies and techniques so I know they will work. Fair enough?
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YES Dustin, I want in! Please let me. I want to Learn “Real Estates Best Kept Secret” Please Give me INSTANT access to this wealth building knowledge right now. I understand I'll get...
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Remember, there is no fluff in this course! All in all this is the most comprehensive program ever put together on to make money with tax lien and deed investing.
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P.S. I Admit This May Not Be For You

Life is a series of choices. I realize that not everyone will completely understand the power of my system. You may not be able to afford it or their might be some reason you truly think that you can’t follow the simple step-by-step instructions inside. That’s OK

As the old saying goes “The World Needs Ditch Diggers Too”

Truth is, only a small percent of people (about 2%) ever have the salt to become financially independent. The others are content to move around like sheep and work for the people on top. God bless them because they have made me a lot of money over the years. Now you have to choose which side you going to be on.

Will you create your own future, be in charge of your destiny and rise to the top or will you pick up a shovel for the next 40 years? It’s 100% up to you.

P.P.S. If you're a little afraid, don't worry...that's a good thing.

Think back on everything you've done that was truly worthwhile in your life. I'm talking about things like: asking that special someone on a date ... learning to swim ..showing up for the first day of school ... getting married ... buying your first home ... having a child.

What do all these things have in common?

Answer: FEAR.

Now think about your normal daily activities...things like: reading ... watching TV ... even attending a seminar ... I think you'll agree that none of them are all that scary. In fact, they're probably downright comfortable!

But I want you to ask yourself, "Where have these activities got me so far?"

My guess is you won't like the answer.

That's why my advice is that you follow your fear... 

P.P.P.S. I Use My System To Live By The Beach Everyday
Snowboarding In The Rocky Mountains On Set With Donald Trump  The Apprentice Season 6 Kayaking In Sunny Santa Barbara 

Here is the cold hard truth. I have already achieved great success in my live no matter what choice you make. Let me explain. In the grand scheme of things my financial position will not be effected much by your decision to acquire my system. I will still have all the free time and freedom I want. 

However, you choice will have a HUGE impact on your future. This is really all about you and your dreams. Bottom line, it's guaranteed and you can't possibly lose. Claim your copy today 


This Training Is Real And So Am I
P.P.P.S. Just so you know, I'm a real person. Here is my personal and company information just to prove it to you. I WANT to hear from you. I want to be your friend and help you succeed.
For Any Questions Call Toll Free: 877-405-1050 Customer support is available 7 days a weekEmail
CA 93120
“Five Good Reasons To Act Now”

1. Quit your job and FINALLY "work" from home... 

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  • The National Tax Lien Directory
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